Navigating Mental Health and Biases: Empathy in Conversations

About The Workshop

90 minutes
800 per workshop

This workshop aims to deepen the understanding of mental health and equip participants with essential skills for empathetic support. It covers factors that influence mental health and breaks down barriers to seeking support. Through discussions on biases, assumptions, and stigma, participants gain insights on creating a stigma-free environment. Practical tools for providing empathetic support are emphasized, along with highlighting professional and community resources. Join us for an enlightening session that encourages open conversations, challenges assumptions, and promotes a supportive community.



  • Understand the mental health continuum and the various factors that influence it.
  • Explore the reasons individuals may hesitate to seek mental health support, including examining biases, assumptions, stigma, and discrimination.
  • Reflect on personal biases and assumptions to foster a more inclusive and empathetic approach in mental health conversations.
  • Gain practical skills for supporting individuals struggling with mental health challenges, creating a positive and supportive atmosphere for meaningful conversations.


Are workshops in-person, a hybrid or both?

Our workshops are offered virtually and can be brought to your location via facilitators with a COVID sensitive approach to ensure the safety of everyone involved within the workshop

What is the cancellation policy for workshops?

CMHA Toronto reserves the right to cancel or postpone workshops due to the following: under-enrollment, instructor illness, inclement weather, and or due to public health recommendations related to a public health concern that limits our ability to safely deliver our workshops and / or programs

If a workshop is cancelled, an alternative date will be discussed or clients will receive a full refund. Refunds will only be provided in the event a workshop had been cancelled by CMHA Toronto.

If plans change after you have registered, the following may be done:

  • The workshop can be transferred to another date only upon provision of a notification email to, 10+ business days prior to the start of training registered by your company. A $20 dollar admission fee will be applied and is payable at the time of the transfer request.
  • We do not consider requests to transfer less than ten business days prior to a workshop date
  • If you fail to attend your scheduled workshops without notifying us, your fee will be forfeited

If my organization is outside of the Toronto area, can I still apply for a workshop?

We encourage workshops to be run by the CMHA location within the vicinity of your organization, however if your local CMHA does not offer a particular workshop that you are looking for, such workshops can be provided virtually through CMHA Toronto.

How many participants can attend each workshop?

Virtual workshops are usually capped at 100 people within an online meeting setting.

The number of participants involved within each workshop allows for varying workshop environment and delivery.

  • Workshops with a large number of participants take an informative approach, where individuals are provided with the information from the workshop.
  • In contrast, workshops with less participants take on a participatory approach, where participants can be more engaged with the facilitator and activities throughout the workshop.

What if I have more questions?

Please email or call 416-789-7957 ext. 3035



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