Transitional Youth Program (TYP)

About The Program

The Transitional Youth Program (TYP) supports youths in their mental health recovery, assists them in regaining and maintaining age-appropriate milestones, and minimizes the disruption that mental illness can have on their lives. It is a strengths-based support program offering both therapeutic and case management interventions. 

The program specializes in community outreach to engage youth who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia or a mood disorder. Case management services are offered at CMHA Toronto offices, in the community and virtually, and regular peer support and social opportunities are provided. We coordinate with other health care and community service providers to meet the needs of youth with complex needs, and also provide education to families to assist them with understanding and coping with their loved ones’ mental health challenges.

The Transitional Youth Program works closely with the Early Psychosis Intervention (MOD) Program at CMHA Toronto. 

Who's It For

Individuals between the ages of 16–24 years who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia or a mood disorder.

How IT Works

  1. The client applies through CMHA Toronto’s central intake by completing this intake form.
  2. If the client meets the criteria, an assessment is completed and the client is matched with a case manager.
  3. The case manager then meets with the client (and family members if consent is provided) and together, they identify goals and create a plan to advance recovery.


Who is the Transitional Youth Program for?

Individuals between the ages of 16–24 years who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia or a mood disorder.

What areas does the program serve?

The program serves residents of the city of Toronto who are living east of Islington Avenue. 

Where are services offered?

Services are offered in the community, virtually or in CMHA Toronto offices.

How long is the program?

Up to 3 years.

Is there a psychiatrist?

No, clients will continue to connect with their own psychiatrist or physician in the community.

How often do I meet with a case manager?

Case managers meet with clients 2–4 times a month, depending on the clients’ need and time in the program. Typically, you will meet with the case manager weekly to start and then less often as you move through the program.

Do I have to join the program?

Our program is voluntary–you do not need to join the program. However, you may want to try it out and see if we can help you with some of your life goals. 

Do my parents have to be involved?

We will only share your information with those people you provide consent for, including your parents. We do find that it is helpful for most clients to have their family involved in some way and that it’s important for the client to decide which information is shared with their family and how their family is involved. 

How do I access services?

By contacting CMHA Toronto’s central intake,

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