Rehabilitation Action Program (RAP)

About The Program

The Rehabilitation Action Program (RAP) is a non-crisis community-based service that offers support to those who struggle with mental health issues that impair their day to day lives. The program offers specialized case management services to the Tamil, Somali and Afghan communities and has the capacity to serve members of the culturally diverse population.  

This is a voluntary service that involves collaboration between the case manager and client to develop their goals and be willing to work towards them. This program is recovery oriented and seeks to promote independence while managing mental health in order for clients to accomplish their goals and be able to flourish in the community. Integral to this process is the direct involvement of the client and the development of a caring, supportive relationship between the client and the case manager, and where appropriate, with the client’s family and supports.  

RAP case managers assist clients with various needs such as: settlement and immigration, activities of daily living (shopping, cooking, laundry, cleaning), employment, social recreation and accessing community resources. 

Who's It For

Adults 16+ who have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness and who are from the Tamil, Somali or Afghan communities.

How IT Works

  1. The client applies through The Access Point, an intake service that provides coordinated access for Case Management services in Toronto.
  2. If the client is well suited for the program, the client is matched with a case manager.
  3. The case manager then meets with the client and together, they identify goals and create a plan to gain independence and advance recovery.


Who is the Rehabilitation Action Program for?

  • Individuals 16 years of age and older who have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness 
  • Individuals from Tamil, Somali or Afghan communities, who require language-specific services and support 

What areas does the program serve?

Individuals who are living in Scarborough (Lakeshore Ave to Steeles Ave E, Yonge Street to Morningside Ave).

What are the service hours?

RAP case managers are available from Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm. 

What is the length of services?

Short-term case management is a maximum of 12 weeks. Long-term case management is up to 1 year.

Where are case management services offered?

RAP case management services are offered in the community, in clients’ homes and in CMHA Toronto offices. 

Who is on the Rehabilitation Action Program team?

CMHA Toronto’s RAP team consists of:

  • Case Managers: Our case managers work with our clients to identify and develop goals central to their individual recoveries, and support them through advocacy and coordination of family, friends, community mental health services and other resources in  line with goal attainment. 
  • Concurrent Disorders Specialist: Our Concurrent Disorder Specialist works with people who are experiencing a combination of mental/emotional/psychiatric problems with the use of alcohol and or other psychoactive drugs. This involves providing self-directed treatment and support, assessment, 1-1 support groups and possible linkages to community rehabilitation/harm reduction programs.

Can you provide case management support to my family?

RAP case managers do not support families. However, they can refer families to suitable community partners and provide resources. 

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