Hospitals to Homes

About The Program

The Hospitals to Homes (H2H) Program connects individuals who present with mental illness and/or addiction at any of the three Scarborough Health Network (SHN) hospitals with access to high-quality care and follow-up in their community after they are discharged from the hospital. The H2H team encourages individuals to manage mental health and addictions in the community and supports the transition from inpatient to outpatient by providing information, education, resources and community care planning.

The main focus of the program is service navigation–ensuring individuals have access not only to community resources, but also to services within CMHA Toronto and the Scarborough Health Network. The H2H team collaborates with the Scarborough Health Network and Pinewood Centre of Lakeridge Health to provide a coordinated response to meet individuals’ needs. 

Clients are referred by Scarborough Health Network hospitals.

Who's It For

Individuals 16+ who present with mental illness and/or addiction at any of the three Scarborough Health Network sites.

How IT Works

  1. Individuals who present with mental health challenges, and who have two or more visits to any SHN hospital, can be referred to the H2H program. 
  2. Once the individual is discharged from the hospital, the individual will be connected with an H2H case manager
  3. The case manager and client will work together to maintain their mental health and refer them to other services and supports


Who is the Hospital to Homes program for?

Individuals 16+ who present with mental health and/or addiction issues at any of the three SHN hospital sites, and who have had 2 or more visits to the hospital.

What areas does the program serve?

The program serves residents of the City of Toronto who present at any of the three SHN hospital sites, including the emergency room, crisis unit, urgent care and mental health and medicine inpatient units.

What languages are offered?

English and Tamil.

How do I access services?

Referrals are accepted from any department in the three SHN sites, from any member of the SHN interdisciplinary team, including psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, crisis team and the emergency room. Once a referral is made and you are discharged from the hospital, you will be connected with an H2H case manager.

How long do H2H case managers stay involved with the individuals they work with?

Service navigation includes one to six visits with the clients to link them to appropriate services. If the H2H case manager determines the client needs more support, they will refer them to a short-term case manager who can provide up to 12 weeks of service. 

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