Extreme Cleaning and Hoarding Support Program

About The Program

The Extreme Cleaning and Hoarding Support Program is for seniors who are in need of extreme cleaning and/or hoarding supports. It provides them with a home that is safe to live in, and where they can access in-home supports that may have been suspended due to the state of their home.

The program is free of charge and provides cleaning supplies, junk removal and upkeep advice along with liaison with community partners including bylaw officers, Toronto fire, lawyers, health care workers and others.

Who's It For

Services are provided to seniors 65+ (55+ for those that identify as living with a mental health issue).

How IT Works

  1. The senior can self-refer or referrals can be made through their community supports if they have one.
  2. After a referral is made, the client meets with a Hoarding Support Worker for an assessment and to create a cleaning and recovery plan
  3. The client, Hoarding Support Worker, and Extreme Cleaners work together to clean the clients’ home
  4. The Hoarding Support Worker works with the client to direct them to follow-up supports as needed


Who is eligible for services?

Seniors who are 65+ (55+ if they are living with a mental health issue). 

How are services accessed?

The senior can self-refer or referrals can be made through their community supports if they have one. After a referral is made, an assessment is completed and cleaning dates are booked.

Does a person need to be at risk of eviction to receive services?

No, we provide services to those at risk and not at risk of eviction. 

What is the cost of services?

There is no cost associated with these services.

What is the wait time for services?

The average wait time is between 2–3 months.  

Who provides the services?

A hoarding support worker is onsite for every shift, along with the cleaners who provide the services.  

Does the senior have to leave their home when the cleaning is taking place?

No, we prefer that the senior stays in the home so we can work together and so the senior can be a part of the process. 

Are these services like the show Hoarders?

No, we provide our services through a trauma-informed lens. We want the senior to be involved which means we don’t go into a home and start removing items without speaking to them first. We lead our services with compassion and understanding and want the senior to feel respected throughout the process.  

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