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Feeling like you belong changes everything.
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Belonging is more than being part of a group. Belonging is tied to social identity, acceptance, safety and inclusion. It’s about feeling seen, heard and understood.

When people feel like they belong they feel accepted.

At CMHA Toronto, we aim to create spaces where every one feels like they belong.

You can help.

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Why join the Circle of Belonging?

By joining CMHA Toronto’s Circle of Belonging you are making more than a monthly gift. Your contribution will transform lives and will help to sustain critical CMHA Toronto programs and services that enhance recovery and rebuild lives.
When you make your monthly gift to the Circle of Belonging, you are:

Promoting recovery and belonging to encourage positive mental health for over 15,000 clients and their families each year

Directly addressing the factors that impact health including housing, access to education, social and community connections, income security and access to health care

Reducing unequal access to care by supporting programs and services that are culturally responsive, accessible and inclusive to the needs of all Torontonians

Driving systemic change and advancing public policy for an equitable mental health and addictions care system accessible to everyone

Championing the importance of mental health and breaking down stigmas


In addition to providing sustained support for CMHA Toronto programs and services, by joining the Circle of Belonging you will:

Stay up to date on CMHA Toronto news and impact through our Living. Working. Belonging newsletter

Receive exclusive invitations to attend special events

Learn about the importance of mental health and recovery through special access to workshops and training opportunities

Have the opportunity to volunteer and visit CMHA Toronto locations

Have your name listed in the annual Impact Report unless you desire anonymity

Receive a year-end charitable tax receipt for the totality of your monthly gift

Help create a sense of belonging for those we serve

By supporting CMHA Toronto, you’ll not only advance mental health and crisis interventions, but will provide access to employment opportunities, sustained housing, community connections and so much more.

To learn more, contact

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Cory Bartlett

Manager, Fundraising and Special Events
416-789-7957 ext. 3147